5 Colon Cancer Symptoms You Should Know—Even if You’re Young

The statistics of colorectal cancer are rising at a rapid pace, and increasing, it is also rising amongst young adults. Understanding the warning signs and early symptoms is extremely essential because the sooner you detect the presence of cancerous tumors, the greater your chances of staying alive.

Healthy and active individuals in their 20s hardly regard cancer as a serious health threat because it is usually perceived that only those in their 60s are likely to get diagnosed with cancer. This may have been true in the past, but lately, statistics are painting a very scary picture.

The American Cancer Society published a ground-breaking study in 2017, which shed light on the statistics associated with colon cancer and rectal cancer, and how adults in their 20s and 30s are increasingly becoming the victims of this deadly disease.

The researchers provided enhanced screenings that aid with an early diagnosis, but they also highlighted the sad fact that more and more young adults are dying from colorectal cancer. It has emerged as the third greater cause of cancerous deaths in American, and in 2018, nearly 140,000 patients are estimated to get diagnosed with colorectal cancer alone.

Medical research has not yet discovered the mixture of underlying genetic, lifestyle habits and environmental factors that contribute to the development of increased colorectal cancer cases amongst young adults. However, there are certain speculations and opinions put forward by experts.

Remember, there is always a silver lining: if detected in its earliest stages, there is a 92% survival rate for colon cancer. You can undergo screening colonoscopies to prevent cancer by removing precancerous polyps before they even get an opportunity to sprout cancer all over your body. If you want to save your body and health from this deadly disease, prevention is the first step and for that, you must be aware with the symptoms of colon cancer.

We’ve listed out all the early signs and symptoms that will help you detect the presence of cancerous tumors, here, take a look:

1. Abdominal Aches, Gas or Cramps

If you’re experiencing aggravated symptoms of stomach cramps, gas and stomach aches, particularly while heading off to the bathroom, it can be a clear indication of the presence of colon cancer. Research reveals that patients also tend to experience aggravated symptoms of gas. They tend to experience extremely severe gas, which usually lasts for many weeks and keeps recurring time after time.

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