10 Healthy Foods That Are Secretly Loaded With Salt

5. Cottage Cheese

Surprisingly, the notoriously known as diet food, cottage cheese boosts sodium content by 1,000 mg per single cup of it.

Salty Replacement:

Cottage cheese can be substituted with Greek yogurt as the latter as even less than hundred mg of Na (sodium) per each cup of yogurt. It’s been recommended by Jennifer Christman, who is a nutritional manager at Medifest for its low sodium content.

Healthiest Cottage Cheese for Weight Loss

6. Sports Drinks

In terms of health, no benefits are provided to athletes but the energizing electrolytes are sodium, reveals Christman.

Salty Replacement:

It’s best to skip them as Christman revealed that people require plain pure water to get hydrated after an exhausting one-hour exercise and they can boost their electrolytes via healthy food that they consume.

Sports Electrolyte Drink

7. Fat-free or Low-fat Foods

When the food is made fat-free, various other appetizing sugars and sodium contents are added to attract and engage customers, reveals Brigitte Zaitlin, who is nutritionist based in New York.

Salty Replacement:

Full-fat dairy products are better to satiate you properly as compared to non-fat salted replacements.

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