10 Healthy Foods That Are Secretly Loaded With Salt

8. Canned Eatables

Soups (organic or inorganic) are stuffed with sodium. Canned vegetables, on the other hand, are not less sinful as the canned foods need to be preserved. For preservation process, sodium is employed in excessive amounts. Even extensive rinsing of vegetables can’t rid them off of excessive salts, reveals Zaitlin.

Salty Replacement:

Go for fresh vegetables according to their seasons of production. Vegetable soups should be prepared at home for healthier life.

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9. Deli Meat

The turkey sandwich isn’t a healthy option, as it’s commonly believed. Lunch meats are usually preserved with NaNO3 (Sodium Nitrate) which make single deli ham slice to be stuffed with 200 mg or even more than that of sodium.

Salty Replacement:

For your sandwiches, utilize your leftover chicken, low-sodium canned tuna or steaks for variation in flavors as well, suggests Sarah Jane, who is dietician based in Nashville.

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10. Bottled Salad Dressings

Light salad dressings like vinaigrettes saturate your leafy greens with salts and sugar.

Salty Replacement:

Two parts of oil with one part of vinegar with crushed garlic makes a good healthy replacement; then add whatever herbs and vegetables you like to add, suggests Bedwell.

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