10 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

4. Quit Smoking

Individuals who smoke excessively have a greater risk of developing the symptoms of hypertension. Even though smoking is not itself a direct cause that contributes to chronic hypertension, however, consumption of tobacco and nicotine found in cigarettes can lead to short-term blood pressure spikes. And when smoking is accompanied with a serious lack of exercise and excessive consumption of alcohol, it aggravates the symptoms of hypertension.

In any case, if you quit smoking, it can work wonders at normalizing your blood pressure levels along with several other health benefits.

How does Smoking affect Blood Vessels

5. Weight Loss

Researchers have found strong scientific evidence that directly associates obesity and excessive weight gain with heightened levels of blood pressure. On the other hand, countless studies have validated the claim that shedding some pounds can bring out remarkable improvements in blood pressure levels.

You see, being overweight causes your heart to work much harder, which poses greater levels on strain and contributes to the symptoms of hypertension. While weight loss reduces the workload on the cardiovascular system, and reduces blood pressure levels.

If you’re obese and overweight, chances are, shedding some pounds is all you need to normalize your blood pressure levels.

Losing Weight Lower Blood Pressure

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