10 Trendy Health Foods That Can Threaten Your Waistline

2. Dark Chocolate

People who wants to diet eat only little amount of chocolate to satisfy their cravings. The one bar of chocolate carries 35 percent of coco powder and rest of them are flavors. These flavors are added to improve the taste and quality.

One ounce of chocolate carries 170 plus calories. American heart association guided by telling the amount of fats and other substance sin chocolate are 12 grams of fat and sugar of 24 grams. Dark chocolate is beneficial only if people use it in limited quantity.

It will damage the people who are suffering from diabetes. Many companies add flavonols. Flavonols are used as antioxidant, which control the allergies in the body on an individual. Up to four grams a day adult women should take the quantity of sugar to maintain their level. One bar of chocolate is enough to maintain their body`s energy level.

Which Dark Chocolate is Healthiest


There is no immediate way or treatment to reduce your weight in one day. Gradually with time by controlling, your diet people can reduce your weight. It belongs to the mint family of Mexico. Chia seeds are highly enriched with carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 137 calories are found in chia seeds. The total amount of fat is 9 grams. The fibers in the chai seeds are highly soluble in water and digest easily.

People who take chia seeds in form of powder along with water may also help in digestion of food easily. This powder form of chai seeds may also reduce or stop the calories deposition. Another highly helpful thing found in chia seeds was omega 3. Omega 3 is the antioxidant or anti-aging substance. In a balance diet or for your diet menu add chai seeds powder in your daily meal.

Two tablespoon of powder carries 120 calories. The total amount of fat found in this item is 80 percent. These items are the healthy items, which carried fewer calories, which are helpful in weight loosing. Healthy diets include less protein and carbohydrate things.

How Chia Seeds Help Lose Weight

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