10 Trendy Health Foods That Can Threaten Your Waistline


These are another form of seeds, which are used in different diet plan for weight loss. Two tablespoons of flax seeds carries 100 extra calories, which increase the weight on individual up to 25 percent.

Each spoon carries 80 percent of fats and proteins. These proteins are stored in different parts of the body. These proteins make your body bulky. The flax seeds carries omega 3. During in taking of omega-3, human bodies does not absorb all omega 3. The rest of omega-3 deposited at different parts of the body. The two tablespoons of these seeds mostly carries 60 percent of fat and proteins.

Linseeds for Weight Loss


Avocados are the most demanding food items in market these days it absorb extra fats and highly enrich with natural and water absorbing nutrients. It helps to cause good health.

People believe that the other natural items like raspberries, vegetables, dry fruits are naturally filled with different nutrients like protein, fiber, and fats. Avocados in actually contain 10 gram more protein fiber.

Researchers found that avocados carries omega3. In your diet, add it like take a slice of avocados with garlic. In different shakes and juices, add it along with ice to develop taste. Avocados contain 133 grams of calories in one piece.

Pink Avocado

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