10 Trendy Health Foods That Can Threaten Your Waistline

6. Almonds

People use dry fruits to maintain the amount of energy in human body. While in dieting, human body needs energy to operate the different functions of the body. The almond is found inside the hard covering like shell. The dry fruit like almond carries oil and major source of obtaining protein. This oil is beneficial for hair growth, purification of blood in human. It also activates the cells in human body to burn out extra protein and fats.

People use it in powder form after crushing it or eat as raw form. It also enhances the mental abilities and brain functioning. It is useful for the treatment of weak eyesight issues in human. These almond seeds carry 164 calories in 23 seeds. People usually get addictive to these seeds.

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7. Coconut Oil

The olive oil is the leader of all oils. On the second number, coconut oil has its own significance. The coconut oil carries essential elements like Vitamin A, C, D, vitamin B-12 Iron, Magnesium and calcium. It also carries 0 grams of proteins, which means it is no harmful for daily use.

Another benefit of coconut oil is used for beauty purpose. Women use it to fight against acne. People use olive oil and coconut oil for different cooking purpose. It does not increase the weight or minimizes the effect of having heart issues, cholesterol, sugar problems in both gender before time and age.

A research statistics shows that coconut oil carries 92 percent of the fat, which are saturated. Avocados oil carries 25 percent of fats and olive oil carries 9 percent of fats in the oil. Now people start using coconut oil for baking purpose.

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