10 Trendy Health Foods That Can Threaten Your Waistline

10. Quinoa

222 calories majorly founds in Quinoa. It is the most nutritional food items in category of seeds. It is known as the mother of all grains. It carries proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, calcium, magnesium, magnate, and other essential elements, which our body required.

It can be added in breakfast or dinner because it carries fats and carbohydrates. These provide energy to the different part of the body to maintain the energy level in body. It is just like rice. Like one cup of boiled or cooked Quinoa carries 222 grams of calories to be consumed by our body.

Along with diet plan or other treatment exercise is one of the best way to reduce weight or reduce waistline. Use water along with lemon and add some salt in it. Take three times a day make your body mass appropriate. Take limited quantity of food. Use less calories oil to cook food. For baking purpose use coconut oil.

Visit your doctor daily or weekly for regular check. If you find something usual immediately, call the doctor. Avoid eating junk food. The junk food carries more calories than the food you cook in your house. Avoid cold drink. In cold drink, it is highly composed of sugar and other human body harming ingredients.

Use dairy products, which are natural and healthy. Finish your breakfast. Sleep cycle is also play important part like sleep early to get your mind and body relaxed.

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