10 Ways to Revive Your Appetite after Cancer Treatments

2. Drink Instead of Eat

If you can’t stomach the thought of food, instead of putting your mind and your body at the misery of eating, why not enjoy a nutrient rich drink? You can fix yourself a nice protein shake, or a high-calorie drink that will fill your body with a powerful dose of micro and macro-nutrients.

Aim to add up ingredients that will give you a greater nutrient fix than a regular meal.

Cancer Fighting Foods for Lung Cancer

3. Eat when you’re Hungriest

It’s always a smart idea to schedule your biggest meal at that time of the day when you feel the hungriest and would like to devour a large portion size as compared to your other meals. Always keep trying to increase your portion sizes and meals, and take as many high calorie snacks as you can throughout the day.

Breast Cancer Healthy Eating

Several cancer patients have reported that breakfast is their best mealtime of the day, and if you feel the same way, fix yourself a large breakfast platter with a dense concentration of nutrients, particularly omega-3s, protein and calcium. Treat yourself with a delicious variety of fresh fruits and veggies, scrumptious cheese omelettes, fresh fruit smoothies and vegetable juices.

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