10 Ways to Revive Your Appetite after Cancer Treatments

6. Densely Nutritious Treats

It’s completely alright if you can only manage to eat small portions of food at a time, because you can still reach your daily nutrient requirement if you enjoy several small nutrient-rich portions throughout the day. The idea is to make sure that even if your portion size is small, the nutrient density is still high and satiating.

Fill up your plate with healthy and filling food items, like protein powders, nut butters, non-fat dry milk, dried fruits, flaxseed oil, seeds, and nuts. These superfoods will power your plate with calories and an assortment of essential nutrients.

Small Cell Lung Cancer Diet

7. Be Alert!

If you want to naturally stimulate and increase your appetite, all you need is some physical activity that won’t consume too much of your energies. All you need is 30 minutes of low-intensity physical activity to boost the growth of ghrelin, an essential appetite-generating hormone that can increase your desire to eat.

Half an hour of light physical activity sounds like the perfect trick to trigger the production of this appetite-increasing hormone, however, if 30 minutes seems too gruelling, you can engage in physical activities or low-intensity exercises for 5-10 minutes throughout the day.

Exercise and Lung Cancer

Pick out any activity that you feel is suitable for your energy levels, and the level of exertion that you find it easy to indulge in. The aim is to move your body and your muscles without causing any kind of pain or discomfort to your body. Feel free to take a slow walk around your street or a park, indulge in some easy household chores, water treading, free-style swimming, take up gardening or do some low-intensity yoga moves to feel active and release happy endorphins.

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