11 Best Hangover Foods

3. Bananas

We all feel fatigued and energy deprived when we wake up after a night of heavy drinking. It’s actually our poor muscles who suffer the most when we binge drink, and it’s absolutely normal to feel tired and slow. It happens because the body’s potassium levels have fallen, and eating a banana can help energize your body because it is packed with heaps of potassium.

Banana will improve the functioning of your muscles, and eliminate the feeling of tiredness and nausea.

Banana Heart Health

4. Eggs

Eggs are packed with a rich dose of protein, an essential nutrient for regulating blood sugar levels and combatting toxins due to its cystine content. Organic pastured eggs which come from grass-fed hens raise on organic feed because they are loaded with Vitamin B, and help rejuvenate your body and brim you up with energy.

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5. Honey & Crackers

Honey contains heaps of concentrated fructose and antioxidants, which aid the body by flushing out all the alcohol present with the body instantly. You can always eat a spoonful of raw organic honey, or you can add it to warm water and enjoy it hot like a cup of tea. But eating honey with crackers is probably your best trick as it goes easy on the stomach and helps you digest the honey.

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