11 Best Hangover Foods

6. Asparagus

Asparagus is your best pick to prevent and cure the symptoms of a hangover. If you eat it before drinking, you won’t have to suffer at all, but if you couldn’t, you can reduce the symptoms by eating one then. Research reveals that asparagus leaves and shoots contain certain extracts that increases essential enzymes that are needed for breaking down and metabolizing alcohol after a night of binge drinking.

You don’t necessarily have to pick out an asparagus recipe, just be sure to eat one before you head out to the club or bar. You see, an asparagus makes it a lot easier for your body to break down the alcohol within the belly before it gets absorbed by other digestive organs.

Risotto Asparagus

Besides, when there’s food within your belly while drinking, the alcohol disrupts the bloodstream in a subtle speed, as opposed to an empty stomach that allows the alcohol to rush up the bloodstream. This also reduces the adverse impact caused on the brain as it creates a lesser accumulation of toxic substances, and the hangover that results is also much more bearable.

7. Quinoa

This South American grain is known for its therapeutic and fitness benefits, and it is extremely beneficial for curing the symptoms of an awful hangover.

You see, when you consume too much alcohol, the amino acids present in your body, which are the essential building blocks of protein, get reduced, and this deprives you of energy. In such a situation, quinoa is your best friend because it has a rich amino acid content and it can help you nourish your body and heal the damage.

Lunch Ideas with Quinoa

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