11 Best Hangover Foods

8. Nuun

If you’re an athlete who has a day full of practice session but cannot seem to move his/her hangover body for a teeny tiny inch, Gatorade is just what you need to eliminate the grogginess and charge up your body. You see, binge drinking disrupts the chemistry of the body, and you must power it with natural electrolytes to balance out the chemical content. Gatorade fills up your body with electrolytes and provides a powerful hydration therapy without adding any calories whatsoever.

Nuun electrolyte-enhanced tablets are your best pick to cure a bad hangover because they contain 1 gram of carbohydrates, and their U Natural Hydration line doesn’t contain a single trace of preservative of artificial chemicals. You must always keep some in your bag in case it comes handy, and you can buy it in different flavours to make this remedy bearable for your taste buds.

Nuun Active Hydration Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets

9. Toast

Toast can be a wonderful delight when your alcohol ravaged body is forcing you to put your head into the toilet seat and survive through the awful bouts of nausea. Eating a toast can help you get through the symptoms of a hangover or a mild flu like a breeze, and your liver will really appreciate this help after you’ve been plying it with alcohol all night.

You see, when the blood sugar lowers down, the liver turns towards stored carbs to create a sufficient supply of glucose within the body. But after having too much alcohol, the liver is unable to regulate the blood sugar because it’s too busy metabolizing all the alcohol that has accumulated within the body.

French Toast Diet

And this causes your energy levels to deplete, and you feel cranky and annoyed. A toast will not only cheer you up, but it is easily digestible for the stomach and it will eliminate awful queasiness.

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