11 Best Hangover Foods

10. Prickly Pear

This healthy cactus fruit has a powerful anti-inflammatory profile that aids in repairing the damage caused by heavy drinking. A recent research revealed that if one consumes a prickly pear cactus at least five hours before drinking cuts down 50% risk or severity of the hangover symptoms as opposed to drinkers who didn’t have any.

You can enjoy this succulent fruit raw, or you can eat it as a capsule extract. A hot cup of prickly pear tea will be equally effective in preventing a hangover.

Prickly Pear Cactus Juice Health Benefits

You must make a habit of drinking some water between your drinks or cocktails, because water will help dilute the alcohol present in your stomach along with keeping your body well-hydrated. But if you can’t seem to get past the hangover no matter what, just grab a bowl of organic broth to energize your body with a rich dose of potassium and salt.

11. Low-Congeners Drinks

You can easily prevent a hangover from developing in the first place, all you have to do is pick out your drinks and mixers with care. And this isn’t just applicable on the day after the binge drinking session, but even more so when you’re drinking. You see, picking out drinks such as gin, vodka and rum, which tend to be lowering congeners that are responsible for causing a hangover, can help you avoid this problem altogether.

Best Beer to Avoid Hangover

Basically, congeners is a fermentation ingredient and alcohol rich in this by-product, such as whiskey, champagne, red wine, bourbon, brandy, tequila and cognac, trigger hangovers. Alcohol disrupts the release of a hormone, known as vasopressin, which signals your kidneys to conserve water, and hence, the body gets quickly dehydrated as you go on consuming these spirits.

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