11 Foods That Can Cause Heartburn

5. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are considered one of the main culprits for triggering the awful pain of heartburn. Experts report that spicy foods contain rich amounts of capsaicin, a compound present in spices and chillies that is capable of slowing down the digestion process. This basically causes the food to remain in the stomach for much longer periods, which puts you at risk for suffering from acid reflux and heartburn.

For instance, a study reveals that the consumption of chilli that contained chilli powder ended up reducing the speed of digestion. Moreover, spicy foods can trigger irritation in an already inflamed esophagus, which can lead to severely aggravated symptoms of heartburn.

Therefore, it is best to avoid consuming spicy foods when you’re suffering from the recurrent symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. Healthy individuals should also avoid over-consuming spices and chillies as they can irritate your esophagus and trigger heartburn.

6. Salt

It is a widely accepted fact that consuming too much table salt or densely salty food items can increase the risk factors of acid reflux, and heartburn is one of its earliest symptoms. A recent study revealed that individuals who added too much table salt to their food had a 70% greater risk of suffering from acid reflux as compared to individuals who never took salt.

This study further reveals that individuals who consumed salted meals at least thrice a week had a 50% greater risk of acid reflux as compared to individuals who never consumed salty meals. However, researchers are still attempting to understand how salt consumption leads to an increase in the risk factors of reflux and heartburn.

Experts believe that individuals who consume heavily salted foods also tend to eat more fatty and fried meals. In such an instance, fried and fatty foods tend to be more potent at triggering heartburn than salty foods alone. Therefore, it is always a good idea to limit one’s consumption of salty foods and also avoid adding too much table salt to one’s everyday meals.

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