12 Common Complications Associated with Twin Pregnancy

12. Fetal Loss

Intra-uterine fetal loss is rare to occur. Gynecologist examines the health condition and then decides either medical involvement is required or not. During fraternal twins and chorionic pregnancy, intervention is not being conducted immediately.

Remember, if your pregnancy has a single chorion, then delivery is recommended immediately in fetal loss case.

Fetal Demise or Loss Complications with Twin Pregnancy
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Important Tips or Guidelines:

During Twin pregnancy, the following precautions should be kept in mind and be implemented very well to avoid certain complications, they are as:

1. Preterm labor and pre-eclampsia signs and symptoms should be highly familiarized by the people.

2. Weight gain and loss is the major attribute affecting your baby during pregnancy especially the weight that is being gained before the 20 weeks. A healthy weight should be put on to minimize the risks of low birth weight and premature labor.

3. A very well-balanced diet should be taken into.

4. A plentiful amount of healthy drinks must be consumed to avoid you from dehydration.

5. Staying healthy and fit helps to cope up with the latent pregnancy complications that are majorly associated with the twin pregnancies.

6. During twin pregnancy, enhanced blow by blood gives rise to the dropping of the iron level immediately. This condition leads the patient to suffer from severe complications like acute anemia that is even more dangerous for both the fetuses and the mother herself. Iron supplements are being referred to in this case by the gynecologist to the mother.

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