14 Foods That Are Natural Painkillers for Pain Relief

6. Cloves

Here’s a highly effective home remedy to treat your toothache without having to see the dentist: pick out some cloves and gently chew them, it will help reduce the gum inflammation and the accompanied tooth ache for the next two hours.

Cloves are one of the best natural medicines to treat tooth-related ailments because of their powerful anaesthetic properties.

Clover For Tooth Pain

7. Coffee

Research reveals that if you’re suffering from pain after a muscular injury and aches caused by certain exercises or high-impact sports, caffeine can help you reduce this pain and discomfort. So, go ahead and fix yourself a hot cup of coffee after a gruelling workout session.

Coffee Before Workout

8. Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose is a potently powerful plant that has been used to treat several ailments, such as PMS symptoms, atopic dermatitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Moreover, evening primrose contains certain anti-coagulant properties that allow it to aid in reducing the symptoms of cardiovascular ailments.

Evening Primrose Oil Diabetes

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