15 Foods You Should Avoid If You Have Diabetes

12. Bread

Carbohydrates are extremely dangerous for diabetic patients, and breads that are heavily processed and made with white refined grains pack up large quantities of these deadly carbs. Be sure to avoid processed breads whether you’re eating at home or dining out.

Experts widely recommend whole grain breads as a much safer and healthier alternative. They take more time to digest, and don’t cause sudden blood sugar spikes. Just be sure to pick out whole grain or sprouted breads, and examine the ingredients list to check if whole grain is the first ingredient mentioned on the list.

best flour for diabetics
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13. White Refined Grains

White refined grains, such as pasta, white rice and others, pack up an incredibly high density of waist-thickening carbs. Moreover, they tend to be extremely low in protein and fiber. This is primarily why they manage to bring about abnormally high blood sugar spikes. It is important to pick out foods that provide a combination of fiber and protein because protein reduces the risk of blood sugar spikes, while fiber slows down the combustion of carbs into sugar.

Instead of white refined grains, pick out fiber-rich alternatives, such as pasta made with lentils, grains or beans, whole-grain fiber-packed breads and brown rice. If you simply cannot live without enjoying a scrumptious plate of white rice or pasta, be sure to pick out mindful and small portions, and accompany them with a high-fiber side dish along with food items that contain lean protein. For instance, you can prepare pasta with salmon, mixed vegetables, or mushrooms.

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