15 Medical Tests Every Man Should Have

For good and healthy life, medical examination every month is really a good practice. Once in a month, you should go to the doctor for a proper medical check. This medical checkup includes several tests. Blood test, sugar test, monitors heart rate and so on. If God forbid you are facing some hidden medical illness than it can easily find properly through these tests. Once in a month, you should visit your family doctor or consultant.

Sometimes some hidden factors have a great impact on your medical health. Parents transfer their characters to their off springs. Due to this transformation, mostly they deliver the constantly occurring medical illness. These kinds of illnesses are genetic illnesses. Like diabetes, blood pressures issues are common in families. To keep yourself away from such illness medical examination will help you out.

Mostly people ignore the symptoms. People take it normally but they later turn into serious medical issues. Like coughing, people take it normally but later if the duration is more than two weeks it will turn into tuberculosis. Therefore, for the sake of treatment at first stages, you have to very careful in your daily life routine. Repeatedly check your body changes and then report it to the doctor.

Our surrounding influence or affect us a lot. The diseases like chicken pox or measles are transferring from one person to the other person. A person is suffering from flu than you have to avoid the use of their utensils. The germs of flu can easily transfer to another person. Healthy checkups will keep your body part keep up. They keep your immune system strong to fight against the illnesses.

Here are some important medical tests man should be done to check their body functions and for the maintenance.

1. Cholesterol screening/lipoprotein profile

Cholesterol is known as high lipoprotein and low lipoprotein. The starting age for cholesterol problem is 20 years. This may cause by genetically. The medical history of the patient can easily define the main cause of the problem. The cholesterol is connecting with the heart diseases. It affects the arteries of the blood vessels. It is composed of fatty acids and proteins. The cutoff score for cholesterol is 220. Somebody level is above 220 will diagnose with high cholesterol level. It directly affects our heart and causes cardiac arrest.

How to measure cholesterol levels in blood

2. Prostate cancer screening

It also occurs in men. It handles the urination process in men. Some prominent symptoms are blood in urination, even at night they go to the washroom, pain in different bones etc. if a man shows such symptoms for so long then without wasting time he should consult a doctor. After certain test doctor diagnoses the disease and treats them with medication or last option is operation.

Prostate Cancer Advanced Treatment

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