15 Medical Tests Every Man Should Have

3. Diabetes screening

The body stops producing insulin. To cope up artificial insulin will prescribe from the doctors. Now injections are also available. The level of sugar in human blood increases this will cause diabetes. One of the symptoms is you take water in excessive amount. This will trouble you in your daily life.

The major reason of diabetes is you take high level of sugar in your diet. This will stop the natural manufacturing process of insulin. The food we take to break down into the form of energy and this energy used in different body functions.

Test to see if I have diabetes

4. Bone density test

At the age above, 40 men usually face arthritis. Arthritis is a bone disease in which your bone becomes weak. The calcium inside bone decreases. Due to this bone, become weak. By putting some weight, they will break. A result of the survey shows that over 10 million people all around the world suffering from osteoporosis.

The weakness of bones or the loss of strength is called osteoporosis. Doctors suggest taking x-ray, which can easily scan the spinal problems and resolve it completely through medications and physiotherapy.

What t score is osteoporosis

5. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential part of human body. The people who have low-level of vitamin D are more prone to heart attack. It protects the body cells from infectious germs, bacteria, and cancer occurring viruses. Consult a doctor or expert to keep up the level of vitamin in your body. Through blood test, it will identify the level of vitamin in the body so the doctor will suggest you the extra supplements.

Vitamin Manufacturers

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