15 Medical Tests Every Man Should Have

6. Colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy

Colonoscopy is the cancer of small intestine. 90 percent of the population around the world is suffering from this dangerous disease. Unfortunately, it will diagnose at the third or fourth stages. At these stages, the symptoms are quite prominent.

Colonoscopy is a test conducted to find the presence of such cancer viruses. To find or diagnose at first stages the technique sigmoidoscopy is using. Through small cameras, they see the activity of the infectious virus.

Colonoscopy or Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

7. Fecal occult blood test

Colorectal cancer is the cancer of stool. The rate of men suffering is higher than women. In this cancer along with stool, men reported the blood. This situation is alarming or dangerous because it is one of the forms of cancer.

The overall rate of occurrence of this disease is above 50,000 in men per year diagnose cancer at the age of 50. A liquid is used in this test to check the intensity of the disease. Three continuous days doctor look at the person to give them better treatment.

Screening Colorectal Cancer

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