15 Medical Tests Every Man Should Have

8. Skin cancer screening

Skin cancer shows visible symptoms. It will show the growth of specific cell of the body. The doctor can easily diagnose the disease without any second thought.

The rate of skin cancer is higher in women as compared to men. The unusual spots or growth of unwanted cells gives us the clear sign of cancer. It occurs mostly in summers when people expose more to the sun.

Skin Cancer Incidence

9. Eye exam and vision screening

Your eyes are the important or most delicate part of your body. Men at any age will suffer from seeing distance or close objects.

To make sure the vision is perfect, one should regularly test the eye sights by consulting a doctor. These examinations include to measure the movement of eye muscles, the visual image angle, retina image, and the optical fibers. Both the measurements are important for an individual.

In America, it is necessary to check your eyes visual power in between age 18 to 61 regularly.

Importance of Eye Exams

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