15 Surprising Remedies for Your Arthritis Pain

6. Tai Chi

Tai chi is a very subtle and simple kind of martial arts, and it’s one of the best defense movements to cope with chronic pain. Both excessive movement and lack of activity can worsen the symptoms associated with arthritis, particularly the pain and stiffness of joints.

The gentle and simple movements of tai chi create a harmonious balance that allows patients to recover their bodily strength without straining their muscles. A recent study attempt to study the benefits of a regular tai chi program on patients suffering from arthritis. After a period of 8 weeks, the patients reported marked reductions in their symptoms, particularly the pain, stiffness and the resulting sleeplessness.

Moreover, the patients who performed an hour-long tai chi routine twice a week experienced a 7% improvement in their symptoms of pain, and they reported feeling much better, along with experiencing added psychological improvements, like an enhanced state of mental well-being.

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7. Yoga

Yoga is the perfect ritual to stretch every single limb and muscle of your body, and drive all out all the tension that you feel in your joints.

The movements of yoga tend to controlled, subtle and slow, which is perfect to give you the exercise you require to avoid weight gain without straining your muscles. Moreover, yoga aids in building a stronger structural foundation by strengthening your muscle.

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