15 Surprising Remedies for Your Arthritis Pain

13. Low Side-to-Side Lunge

You don’t necessarily need dumbbells for this move, but if you want to enhance the impact, you can pick out some. You begin by standing straight, with your feet placed nearly twice shoulder-width apart, and toes point straight head. Now slowly, begin moving your weight towards your left leg as you extend your hips backward, and lower your body by lowering your hips and bending your knees.

Make sure that your lower right leg remains perpendicular with the floor, while the left foot should be flat on the floor. You need to resume the standing position without raising your body, and very slowly, shift your weight towards the right leg. This completes one rep and you need to keep alternating back and forth until you complete 10 reps. If you’re not using dumbbells, you can always place your hands atop your hips.

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14. Low-Impact Exercises

If you find strength training extremely difficult, or for some reason, your usual workout regime isn’t working out anymore, a low-impact exercise will be a great idea.

You can stay in shape with easy and enjoyable exercises like cycling or swimming, which will help ward off weight issues without posing too much pressure on your shaky and worn out joints.

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15. Foam Rollers

A foam roller can help you eliminate the tension that has built up in the muscles surrounding your trouble areas, for instance your knees or even your back. Be sure to roll at elast once a day, for a complete full-body foam roll can help target your trouble zones, especially your back, calves, groin, quads and hamstrings.

Exposing these muscle groups to the foam roller will help enhance their ability to support the movements of your joint, which will naturally improve your mobility. For most effective results, it’s best to slowly roll each part of your lower back and legs for at least 30 seconds, however, when rolling on more tender areas, you can even slow down and spend 90 seconds or more to gain greater relief.

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