15 Ways to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

Countless couples wish to give birth to twins and each couple has its own unique set of reasons to desire for more kids than one. There are various natural and medical remedies that can increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant with more than one babies, however, it is important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees.

We’ve listed a wide range of remedies that can help you naturally get pregnant with twins, however, it is important to keep in mind that these remedies also involve a great deal of risk. For instance, they can trigger hazardous risk factors due to premature cord clamping, and premature birth because of early induction. It is highly advisable to have a doula, or a doctor or physician that you can trust to provide the support you require if you do end up conceiving twins.

Statistics of Conceiving Twins

  • On average, every woman has a 3% chance of giving birth to twins.
  • Statistics reveal that African women tend to have a much greater likelihood of giving birth to twins, while Asian women tend to have a much lower likelihood.
  • Giving birth to four or more babies can bring about a significant increase in a women’s ability to conceive twins in the future.
  • Anyone can have identical twins, but fraternal twins is a genetic disposition that runs in the maternal side of the family, just like hyperovulation is genetically passed off to the mother.

Giving Birth to Twins
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Now, let’s take a look at 15 ways to boost your likelihood of conceiving twins:

1. Folate

An extensive amount of research reveals that women who consume folate tend to have a 40% greater chance of being pregnant with twins. However, the results also reveal that this increase is largely observed amongst women who have had IVF. Also, it is highly advisable to invest in folinic acid as opposed to man-made folic acid supplements.

2. Cassava

A cassava is an African variation of a sweet potato, and research reveals that it is capable of inducing hyperovulation and thereby boosting the chances of conceiving multiple eggs. Upon researching various different brands and strains, we discovered that the cassanovum is the right one to invest in as it is made with the most nutritiously potent parts of the plant. It packs up a rich variety of folate and various other nutrients that aid pregnant women with healthy childbirth.

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