15 Ways to Get Pregnant With Twins Naturally

14. Medical Procedures

The consumption of fertility medications, for instance Clomid, can increase the likelihood of conceiving twins or more, however, no medication should be taken without a prescription or supervision of a physician.

Research reveals that the procedure of multiple egg implantation through IVF can also increase the likelihood of conceiving multiple children.

15. Miscarriage

Even though a miscarriage is undoubtedly the most unfortunate tragedy for a mother, it can, at times, translate into a hidden blessing.

Anecdotal evidence reveals that women who have had a miscarriage are much more likely to give birth to twins.

Note: It is important to make sure you do not consume any kind of medical or organic supplement without consulting your physician and conducting your own research. It is simply not wise to rely on anecdotal evidence. Bear in mind that many of the products and remedies listed above are prone to triggered side-effects, including high and low blood pressure, along with negative interactions with other medications that you may be consuming. Also, many of these products are likely to contain certain additives that are not well-tested, particularly if you invest in a non-reputable brand.

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