19 Simple Home Remedies for all Common Skin Problems

Skin Problem: Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can be treated with the ingredients listed below.

15. Salt for Ingrown Hair

A salt scrubber is the most effective remedy for ingrown hair, and you simply need warm water and salt to create this one.


You have to add one and a half teaspoons of salt in one cup of water, and then, use a cotton swab to soak up the mixture and apply it across the ingrown hair. You can apply this mixture on your body every day, but be sure to avoid using it on your face as it can trigger other skin ailments.

Salt for Skin Problems
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16. Aspirin Mask to Treat Ingrown Hair

This remarkable aspirin mask will help you treat ingrown hair.


All you need is some water or jojoba oil, 3-4 tablets of aspirin, and some honey.


You have to create a mixture of honey, powdered aspirin, and jojoba oil, and then add some hot water to create a thick paste. Be sure to cool down the temperature before you start applying it across your skin. When it cools down, use your finger tips to apply it all over the ingrown hairs. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes before you wash it off.

Aspirin for Skin Problems
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