22 Warning Signs of Type 2 Diabetes, Diagnosis and Treatments

Diabetes is one of the most rapidly increasing chronic ailments all over the world, and even those who aren’t suffering from it are fighting off harmful risk factors that make them more likely to develop diabetes, for instance, hypertension and stress.

Therefore, there is a great need to develop a strong understanding about the causes of diabetes, its various symptoms, treatments and essential preventive measures to keep you out of harm’s way.

What is Diabetes?

When we are suffering from diabetes, basically, our body is unable to perform its function of converting the carbohydrates within our food into readily available energy adequately. This leads to an excessive accumulation of sugar within the bloodstream. Gradually, over the course of time, it causes you to develop certain risk factors that put you at risk for suffering from countless ailments, including nerve and organ damage, heart disease, blindness and other chronic conditions.

type ii diabetes treatment
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Diabetes can occur amongst individuals of all ages and both genders, and while the early symptoms tend to be mild and slow, they can exaggerate with the slightest of dietary mistakes. Statistics reveal that nearly 1 out of every 3 people suffering from type diabetes and they don’t even know that they are suffering from such a serious ailment for the early symptoms often go unnoticed until they blow up into serious ailments.

What are the Earliest Symptoms you’ll Experience?

Patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes usually tend to experience no symptoms, or at least no ones that are noticeable. And even when these symptoms do become noticeable, the very first ones tend to less alarming than most, for instance, being excessively thirsty, unexplainable weight gain or loss, dry mouth, greater appetite, and peeing too much, as often as once every hour.

In this article, you can learn everything about this deadly and chronic ailment. Here, we have listed 22 warning signs of type II diabetes.

1. Diabetes Can Disrupt your Sex Life

Research reveals that nearly 1 in every 3 patients suffering from diabetes tend to have some kind of sexual disturbance as well. Moreover, nearly 35-70% of men who suffer from diabetes are highly likely to suffer from some extent of impotence once during their lifetime. Basically, the symptoms of diabetes cause severe damage to the blood vessels and nerves present within the genitals. This eventually leads to a lack of sensation, which makes it extremely difficult to experience an orgasm.

2. Foot Injuries Can Cause Severe Damage

When high blood pressure levels lead to diabetic nerve damage, it can cause extreme loss of sensation within the feet. This not only makes it extremely tough to feel one’s feet, but one also fails to notice serious wounds and cuts. Moreover, diabetic nerve damage also causes the arteries to harden, which restricts and slows down the blood flow received by your feet. Even the slightest of foot injuries can lead to severe soreness and gangrene. In certain cases, diabetic patients also develop severe infections that lead to amputation.

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