3 Best Exercises To Ease Achy Hands

2. Tennis Ball Bounce

Take a tennis ball and tightly squeeze it in your hands. Now firmly bang the ball on the ground while you stretch your wrist up and down. Catch the ball with your palm facing down when it bounce back.

Repeat this 15 to 20 times with tighten grip and switch hands.

Tennis Ball Bounce

3. Lacrosse Ball Forearm Release

Place the ball on the table, with your palm facing down, place your forearm on it. Start with your elbow and slowly roll the ball till your wrist. Reverse the direction and roll back the ball from your wrist to elbow. Every time make little adjustments and cover the entire forearm, when you reach at the most achy place hold the ball for a minute and apply little pressure.

Lacrosse Ball Forearm Release

Now place your forearm on the table with your hand facing down. Place the ball on the top of your forearm and press with your free hand. Roll the ball towards your elbow then from elbow to wrist, again make little adjustments and cover entire forearm. Stop on the tender area and hold pressure. Switch arms.

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