4 Protein-Packed Breakfasts That Trim Your Waistline

4. Short Stack

A powerful platter filled with the mighty nutritional benefits of protein, you can prepare a short stack with ¼ cup of finely chopped walnuts, ½ cup Greek yogurt, and ½ cup of strawberries. You begin by preparing 2 protein pancakes, which should be roughly six-inch long.

You can always pick out Kodiak Power Cakes from your local grocery store, or just add ½ tsp. protein powder to your pancake mixture. Once you’ve made the pancakes, garnish it with all the toppings, and be sure to serve it with 2 turkey sausage links for a satiating breakfast.

High Protein Breakfast Ideas No Eggs

Why is protein important for Breakfast?

Each morning when we wake up, our body requires power-building nutrients because our muscles are constantly breaking down protein to perform their everyday functions. Nutritionists and health experts believe that all individuals are require to consume at least 30grams of protein to make their breakfast energizing and healthy.

A breakfast that is loaded with 30 grams of protein works wonders at supressing our appetite, because protein slows down the release of ghrelin, a hormone that promotes unwanted pangs of hunger. Moreover, a protein-packed breakfast speeds up the release of hormones that promote feelings of satiety, making you feel full for hours.

The best way to lose weight and maintain this weight loss is to create a healthy, well balanced diet. Countless researches have directly associated a timely and protein-packed breakfast with the maintenance of a healthy body weight. Since 30 grams of protein-packed breakfast will aid in lowering your appetite, they will help you in both, losing weight and keeping it off.

If your regular breakfast platter is loaded with refined carbs and a severe lack of protein, for instance croissants, scones and doughnuts, not only will it raise your blood sugar levels and increase the stress upon your pancreas, but it will also contribute to the risk factors of diabetes type 2. It’s alright to grab a donut on days you don’t have time because all the calories will energise your body and replenish your metabolism, but make sure it doesn’t develop into an everyday habit.

If you devour a healthy protein-packed breakfast right before your workout session, it will energize your body, enhance the functioning of your muscles, and prevent your body from utilizing the protein stores that are required for muscle recovery. Countless studies have highlighted the fact that protein-packed breakfasts aid the body in building new muscles, along with stronger bone and immune cells.

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