4 Ridiculously Healthy Seeds You Should Be Eating Every Single Day

Seeds are packed with mighty nutrients and all you need is a tiny amount to brim your body with essential minerals, vitamins and acids required by the body to build up its strength and ward off harmful ailments. You can add up seeds to any and every diet, and it’s always best to invest in seeds rather than changing your entire diet around.

If you’re someone who hates trying out new foods, just pick out some super seeds and add them to your dishes for a healthy, nutrient-rich fix. You can toss them in your salads, casseroles, meats, breads, soups, desserts and even smoothies.

It’s much more and cost-effective to stock up a bunch of seeds as opposed to a wide assortment of healthy ingredients, considering the fact that since seeds fulfil your nutrient dosage so splendidly, you don’t even need to do as many groceries. Remember, a small change is always better than a bigger leap followed by inconsistencies and wavering. Seeds will help you build up strength, energize your body, prevent chronic ailments and shed off those nasty pounds.

You could be aiming to increase your fiber intake, stock up more protein in your body, or cure away your magnesium deficiency. These 4 super seeds can help you achieve all your health goals and so much more.

Here, take a look:

1. Chia Seeds

Research reveals that most diets across the globe lack sufficient amounts of fiber required by the body to stay healthy and performed its key functions. Chia seeds pack up a whopping 11g dose of fiber in every 1oz. serving, along with 4g protein and 9g healthy fats.

These super seeds are highly effective at cutting down your risk for several chronic ailments, along with curbing your blood sugar levels to alleviate the symptoms of hypertension. You can devour them in salads, soups, sandwiches, puddings, pastas and even meatball spaghettis.

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