4 Signs You Have Food Poisoning

Vomiting is the most horrible act performed by the body. It not only deprives your body of all the energy, but it also makes you horribly fatigued, weak and visibly exhausted. Experiencing bouts of vomiting can put your health and digestive system at serious risk, and therefore, you must prevent their occurrence by keeping out all unwanted bacteria from attacking your food and body.

If sitting with your head down the toilet bowl isn’t something you cherish, which frankly no one does, you need to reassess your eating and cooking habits in order to see how and where the bacteria crept in from and attacked your body. Unfortunately, in this case we can’t rely on the symptoms entirely, and therefore, we must take a look at our eating patterns for the past couple and days and realize the mistakes we’ve been making.

From unhealthy cooking practices to mal food storage options, there are lots of mistakes that can upset our stomach beyond belief. And we’ve listed down four such extremely common practices that we exercise on a daily basis and end up harming our digestive health. The only way to put a stop to digestive ailments is to put a stop to these unhealthy practices. Here, take a look:

1. Reheating Hazards

Research reveals that even a cooked meal that is made with healthy ingredients and refrigerated with great care, is capable of making you ill if it has not been reheated with proper care. You see, it’s extremely common for the food to come in contact with bacteria as it cools in the refrigerator overnight.

The best way to eliminate all potential bacteria from your food items and leftover meals, you must microwave it for 165° or more. And make sure you follow all the standing time instructions listed on frozen meal packages. You see, all you need to is add a couple more minutes to the reheating time in order to make sure that the food items have fully absorbed the heat from inside out, and the bacteria has been properly eliminated.

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