5 Filling Breakfasts for Weight Loss

2. Fat-Free Greek Yogurt & Berries

Yogurt is a very filling breakfast item that will promote feelings of satiety, but instead of eating it alone, create a crunchy and indulgent topping with fiber-rich berries and nuts. Start your day with a generous bowl of fat-free Greek yogurt, topped with a delicious serving of fresh and rich berries, such as strawberries, blueberries and cranberries.

This indulgent treat will energize your body with the fuelling power of essential nutrients, such as protein, iron, calcium and antioxidants. Berries are loaded with anthocyanins, essential flavonoids that provide these dark berries their purple and red hue.

They hold unique ‘zero belly’ properties, which promote satiation by filling you up and curbing your appetite until it’s time for lunch. This breakfast meal will satisfy your hunger, energize your body and cut down your waistline.

Greek Style Yogurt Benefits

3. Chocolate Protein Shake

If you find a flavour that you really enjoy, chocolate protein shake is not a shabby food item for an energizing breakfast. A high-protein shake enhances the blood flow received by the muscles, along with replenishing the energy storage within your body. Nutritionists and health experts widely recommend the consumption of fine quality whey protein.

Research reveals that whey protein is extremely beneficial for the body, it not only aids in maintaining a healthy body weight, but also enhances athletic performance by energizing the body. However, if you don’t like whey and plant-based protein shakes, you can also obtain protein from other sources, such as hemp, pea and rice.

You can fix yourself several delicious and satisfying smoothies that don’t pile up calories and waist-thickening fats. You can even make shakes and smoothies with your favourite desserts, such as blueberry pies and peanut butter cups, which provide the right amount of protein and fiber to energize your body and speed up the fat-burning process to promote a lean belly.

Sugar Free Chocolate Smoothie

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