5 Food Rules for a Long, Healthy Life

3. Say No to Sugar!

Statistics reveal that Americans have an alarming consumption of sugar, which mostly comes from processed foods, packaged meals and treats with heaps of added sugar, for instance candies, brownies, sodas, fizzy drinks, cookies, bakery cakes and other delicacies.

All these sugar-rich delights are horrifyingly dangerous for they cut short our life span and put us at risk for suffering from life threatening ailments, such as diabetes, heart diseases, cancers and countless others. And the only way to steer clear of these ailments and create a wholesome and healthy lifestyle is to cut down sugar, completely.

Effects of Sugar on the Human Body

A recent study examined the reasons behind nearly 180,000 deaths related to excessive weight gain and obesity, and shockingly enough, several causes were directly associated with the excessive consumption of sugary drinks. It is crucial for all of us to reduce our intake of sugar.

Research reveals that the daily recommended dosage of sugar for men should be no more than 9 tsps. While women should limit themselves to six tsps. Remember, less sugar is essential for a long life and good health.

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