5 Food Rules for a Long, Healthy Life

4. Crunchy Nuts

Nuts make the healthiest snacks for a delicious nutrient-rich crunch. An extensive study examined effect of nuts upon our daily diets and health. The results revealed that participants who consumed nuts every day cut down their risks for death due to medic

When you’re reaching for a healthy snack, nuts are one of the best bets. Blue Zone residents were found to eat nuts regularly, and a one study found that participants who ate a handful of nuts daily were less likely to die for any reason over a three-decade period.

Dieticians and nutritionists all over the globe recommend the daily consumption of mixed nuts, in mindful servings that should be no more than ounce, as the healthiest habit for a long and wholesome life.

Healthy Nuts for Weight Loss

Several studies have validated the claim that individuals who devour more nuts, a daily serving at least 7 times each week, are highly likely to live longer as opposed to those who eat less nuts or don’t eat them at all.

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