5 Food Rules for a Long, Healthy Life

5. Drink Healthy

The secret to a healthy and wholesome life is to steer clear of all sugar-rich sodas, processed juices, fizzy drinks and bottled beverages. Instead, quench your thirst with water, fresh juices, coffee, tea and red wine.

There is an abundance of research that highlights numerous benefits of consuming plenty of water, because the aging process causes the body to become excessively dehydrated. Similarly, consuming green tea brims up the body with an incredibly nutritious assortment of antioxidants. Several studies have examined the benefits of green, and they have widely associated with a reduction in the symptoms of several types of cancers, and a reduction in the risk factors contributing to heart ailments.

Coffee has a powerfully potent antioxidant profile, which have been scientifically proven as one of the best natural remedies to prevent and eliminate symptoms of the Parkinson’s disease, along with reducing the risk factors of dementia.

Drinking is Good for You

Lastly, red wine has a rich profile of resveratrol, which allows it to be immensely effective at preventing the formation of blood clots in the arterial walls, and reducing the risk factors of heart ailments. However, you must consume it mindfully and modestly.

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