5 Foods to Eat for Better Brain Health

Your diet has a great deal to with your ability to think, perceive, memorize, remember and act. There is ample research to validate the claim that, like all other body organs, the brain also requires essential nutrients to revive its energies with the process of aging, and reduce the risk of cognitive decline. A diet rich in olive oil, leafy green veggies, berries, red wine and cruciferous vegetables is the healthiest nutrient assortment that your brain needs to thrive.

A study examined a wide scale investigation using health information and dietary patterns of over 40 years. The results revealed that it is the diet of a person that increases the risk factors of chronic ailments, and protects the brain with the process of aging.

We have compiled an assortment of foods that you must eat in order to improve the health of your brain, along with some tips on adopting a brain-healthy diet that is brimming with nutrients.

Healthy Food Healthy Mind

Here, take a look:

1. Olive Oil

Research reveals that individuals who use olive oil instead of other fat-rich oils for marinating, frying, or cooking tend to experience immensely healthy brain-protective effects. However, since olive oil has a high density of calories, be sure not to add it to all your meals. However, it is a very healthy choice for frying, grilling, salad dressings, marinating and light cooking.

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