5 Foods That Will Whiten Your Teeth Naturally

4. Strawberries

Strawberries are packed with malic acid, which act as nature’s very own teeth whitener to give your smile a shiny polish.

For thousands of years, people have hailed the natural teeth-whitening remedy of creating a strawberry paste with baking soda, and it truly works wonders.

However, be sure to brush your teeth right after because strawberries are also densely concentrated with sugars.

Strawberries Natural Teeth Whitener

5. Cheese

Cheese for Teeth Whitening

Cheeses are brimming with lactic acids, which protect your teeth against future decay. Stock up hard aged slices, for instance aged Gouda, for its sturdy and tough surface will also aid in eliminating stains that are caused by food remains that tend to build up within the mouth and teeth.

Best Foods for Teeth Whitening Naturally

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