5 Things Your Blood Type Says About Your Health

3. Memory-Related Ailments

Neurological research reveals that having a blood type AB puts you at a greater risk for suffering from cognitive impairment. Primarily, adults and seniors with blood type AB tend to have a much greater problem dealing with learning problems and memorizing a list of items, which as a basic test of cognitive performance.

As compared to other blood types, Abs find it increasingly hard to memorize and remember.

Moreover, research explains that blood type AB is largely associated with certain factors that promote clotting, along with having protein within the bloodstream. Even though this explains why individuals with blood type AB have a greater risk of suffering from memory problems in their later years, it doesn’t really explain the underlying cause behind it.

The Loss Of Memory

4. Pancreatic Cancer

Individuals with blood type O also enjoy several other health benefits. They are 37% less likely to suffering from pancreatic cancer as compared to individuals with other blood groups.

Researchers believe that people with other blood groups tend to develop pancreatic cancer due to the attacks of the gut bacteria, H. pylori, which is less likely to affect blood type O.

Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials

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