5 Unusual Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

2. Vision Issues

An impaired eyesight has usually been associated with diabetes but what is astounding is that eyesight can also improve with diabetes.

Many people affected by diabetes have reported an increase in their vision. This is because fluid levels in your body are disrupted by diabetes and this may occur in the eye area too.

So if you suddenly find yourself with improved vision and ditching your eyeglasses definitely get checked for diabetes.

Laser Eye Surgery Diabetes

3. Hearing loss

Diabetes can also cause an impairment in hearing. If you need to turn up the volume of the television or you miss out on what people are saying in a normal conversation then you may as well be affected by diabetes.

Hearing loss occurs because diabetes can cause damages in the nerve endings of the inner ear as well as the blood vessels surrounding it.

A report by the “National Institute of Health” suggested that one third of the people with a high blood sugar level but who haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes yet have hearing impairment issues.

Acute Hearing Loss Treatment

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