5 Unusual Signs of Type 2 Diabetes

4. Loud Snoring During Sleep

Many patients with diabetes have a condition termed as “sleep- disordered breathing”. In this condition, people snore very loudly during night and feel sleepy in the day.

About 50 percent of the people affected by diabetes face this condition. Moreover, nearly one fourth of the people affected by sleep apnea went on to develop diabetes later in life.

Doctors still aren’t very clear on the relation between the two things but it s believed that people who snore heavily release stress hormone while sleeping and this causes the sugar level in their blood to increase.

Can High Blood Sugar Cause Insomnia

5. Itch Feeling

Diabetes hinders the circulation of blood and can cause areas in your body to feel dry and itchy.

Most common areas for feeling this itchiness is your hands, feet and limbs. If this constant itchiness is not improved by a moisturizer then your doctors needs to check your glucose level.

Dry Skin Diabetes Type 2

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