6 Best Probiotic Foods For Your Gut Health

5. Collagen

Powdered collage, obtained from the connective tissues of cows and fishes, can be bought in the form of supplements, and you can add it to your food and recipes. Research reveals that collagen supplements can help prevent the emergence of fine lines and wrinkles, relive the pain of achy joints and enhance the health of the colon.

Experts believe that collagen is highly beneficial for the human body because it contains a powerful dose of amino acids that allow it to prevent intestinal permeability, usually referred to as a leaky gut. This ailment can trigger the spread of inflammation within the body, but as long as you have collagen in your daily diet, you can prevent it.

Collagen powdered has no taste and heaps of nutrients, so add it up to your daily cup of coffee, green tea, smoothies, juices and even water.

Hydrolyzed Collagen Benefits for Skin

6. Sauerkraut Juice

Sauerkraut juice has a rich taste, and a powerful dose of probiotics that you can enjoy without having to chew anything. We suggested you to by the bottled version from Biotta, it has a great taste if you want to enjoy it by sipping lightly, or you can add it in your salads, pastas or tacos. It has a vinegar like flavour, and you need to be careful about its quantity because it has heaps of sodium. Limit yourself to 480mg, which is around half a cup.

Sauerkraut Juice for Healthy Gut

Infections that spread within the colon tend to cause inflammation within the body, or lead to severe diabetic attacks. Your colon is responsible for regulating several key body functions, including the health of your digestive system. Hence you must take adequate measures to enhance its functioning and fortify its defences against harmful bacteria.

So, which one these colon-healthy foods are you going to pick out for dinner tonight?


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