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Many fruits do not have the perfect combinations. Therefore, the combination of blueberry and banana is not so good. People do not like such combination. Other than taste, people still use this combination to maintain good health and push away the medical problems. Researchers show that the blueberries have antioxidants. These antioxidants activate the body cells to protect against the cancer-growing bacteria, cardiovascular issues, diabetic issues, and cholesterols problem. Fruits always play important role in maintaining skin health. Blueberries maintain the glow on skin and fight against the external factors that attack the skin cells.

Along with blueberries banana`s have their own significance. Banana carries 495 calories. Doctor advices for the people who want to gain weight take two bananas in breakfast to increase weight and maintain body metabolism.

People usually do the banana diet to reduce weight. It gives you the maximum amount of energy during starvation. Both blueberries and banana contain 744 calories per meal. Total protein is 36grams and 25 grams of fats find in this bowl. It is the complete nutritional items for breakfast and uses in other mealtimes.

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The total calories in Acai Berry Bowl are 362. It is most important for hormonal activity. The hormonal imbalance in women can be cure with Acai Berry. Other medical benefits are sustaining moisture in the skin cells; reduce the chances, which cause inflammation of cells that cause cancer in human body. It carries vitamin and minerals. The vitamin specifically the vitamin C has the capability of producing collagen. In addition, it repairs the radical damage in the skin cells.

Acai Berry Bowls are highly enriched with low calories and sugar which keep the item full of nutritional element. Due to the photochemical element found inside the berries called super food. They are highly antioxidant. These berries purify the blood of human beings in many ways. These bowls are mainly a combination of milk, soya, coconut oil, butter, frozen fruits, and other nutritional factors. It is also used in the form of powder. These are seasonal fruits and could not found in other seasons. People preserve them in form of powders for regular use.

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