6 Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer

2. Inside of the stomach hurt

Sometime the stomach pain you suffered with might be a sign of stomach cancer but in the most cases it’s not that dangerous and your pain is going to be the result of gut or abdominal problem.

Dr. Sarpel said that the pain which is related to the stomach cancer is constant and gnawing. She mentioned that this pain is in the middle of the stomach and it’s not like ordinary pains that might last for one day or a week it’s persistent.

Stomach Hurt
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3. Appetite satisfies very fast

Whenever you are hungry and you sit down to eat something but within few bites, you feel like done and your appetite vanishes, Dr. Sarpel calls this thing as ‘’early satiety’’ and mentioned it as another symptom of stomach cancer.

Appetite dries up in a hurry
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4. The unexpected loss of weight

There are many diseases in which we notice weight loss and stomach cancer is also one of them. She mentioned that if you are losing weight by following any diet plans it’s dangerous and a sign of stomach cancer. But she also added that this weight loss may be steady.

If you notice a considerable change in your weight, consult a doctor in that case.

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