6 Weird Signs You’re Way Too Stressed Out

The physical symptoms of stress can often be extremely hard to decipher as they tend to occur with variance and unusual patterns. The human body can experience stress due to a great many reasons, be it a highly stressful job, a financial crisis, the burden of daily chores or even preparing a three-course meal for your guests over the holidays. Stress seems unavoidable, given the unhealthy lifestyles of modern life in the twenty-first century.

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that heightened levels of stress effect a great deal more than just our ability to relax and calm down. Excessive levels of stress and anxiety not only expose our body to countless chronic and fatalistic ailments by weakening our immunity, but they also induce heavy hair fall, weaken our memory and cause embarrassing episodes of sweating.

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Your body on stress

If you concentrate on the needs of your body, you can actually notice all the signs of damage wrecked by stress upon your body. Neglecting these effects can damage both, your physical and mental well-being. Physical symptoms of stress can be much scarier than the mental ones, for instance vomiting and dry heaving, can be triggered anytime and anywhere when faced with a highly stressful situation. And in the case of most symptoms, such as hair fall, one doesn’t even realize that stress is actually the underlying cause.

Therefore, we’ve picked out 6 extremely weird symptoms that most people aren’t aware are caused due to excessive stress.

Here, take a look:

1. Vomiting

Symptoms of chronic stress have been privately linked with symptoms of vomiting, retching and dry heaving. Research reveals that vomiting and retching is often caused by highly stressful situations and anxiety. Stress and anxiety also induce the symptoms of vomiting by triggering the cyclic vomiting syndrome, which is basically a condition that causes sufferers to experience persistent vomiting and nausea for a long period of time, triggering the symptoms at the same time each day.

Since vomiting causes the body to lose a great many electrolytes, one can only deal with these symptoms of stress-triggered vomiting or dry heaving by giving the body plenty of rest and consuming lots of water. Moreover, it is essential to adopt stress-reducing methods that will calm your body, for instance yoga, meditation and exercise.

Vomiting in Adults

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