7 Best Beverages for Arthritis

2. Coffee

Several studies have highlighted the dense antioxidant profiles of coffee, along with their generous concentration of protective polyphenols. Basically, it means that coffee is capable of fighting off the attacks of harmful free radicals within the body, which cause all kinds of severe cell damage. Further research also reveals that coffee provides a protective shield that prevents the symptoms of gout.

Many researchers have highlighted the link between the consumption of coffee and a decrease in the risk factors that contribute to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. However, there are several studies that argue against this claim and state that coffee actually increases these risk factors.

Coffee and RA

Therefore, it is ideal to drink coffee with mindful moderation in order to experience its benefits and avoid its damage. Be sure to drink no more than two cups of coffee every day, keep a limit on your caffeine intake, and steer clear of those expensively fancy coffee drinks that are brimming with sugar syrups and whipped creams, as they only pack up empty calories and high amounts of sugar that can wreak havoc with your weight and blood sugar levels.

3. Milk

The popular myth dictates arthritis patients to steer clear of dairy products, but there is no trace of scientific evidence to back this myth. On the contrary, several studies have revealed that a dairy-filled diet is actually beneficial for patients suffering with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

RA Healthy Foods

Research reveals that the consumption of milk aids in shielding the body against gout attacks, and it also prevents the progression of osteoarthritis. However, make sure you pick out low-fat milk varieties because the consumption of additional calories and saturated fats is extremely unhealthy for arthritis patients.

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