7 Best Foods to Boosts Your Energy – What to Eat to Fight Fatigue

6. Chocolate

Avoid candies and switch them with dark chocolate to bound back your untimed slump.

Sugar can zap your energy. It acts as an energy roller coaster that quickly satiates your sugar cravings by quickly absorbing into the bloodstream. Grab a dark chocolate bar with 75% cocoa.

Dark chocolate is rich with theobromine and caffeine. It also contains antioxidants that facilitates blood circulations and proper oxygenation of brain tissues.

benefits of milk chocolate
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7. Sweet potatoes

For all the carb lovers, add some whole grain and fiber-rich carbohydrates to your diet to enhance absorption.

The perfect source would be sweet potatoes. They are rich with the fiber-rich carbohydrate that slowdowns the rate of digestion to ensure prolonged and steady energy reservoir.

They are rich with manganese which is an effective energy uplifting constituent.

do sweet potatoes have fiber
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