7 Foods That Control Blood Sugar

The increased sugar or glucose level in the blood than the normal is called diabetes while the person is called diabetic. When you have diabetes then you should be very careful in taking carbohydrates in your diet. Throughout the day you have to keep an eye on the amount and type of carbs you are putting in your plate.

On the other hand, it is very important to have the food you enjoy. Presentation matters a lot. If you present simply cooked vegetables in such a way that it appeals your eyes so you can enjoy your meal. In this way, you will eat enough so you feel satisfied. There are many foods that are responsible for increasing the glucose level like cereals, rice, milk, pasta, fruits, breads and desserts.

sugar and diabetes
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We are going to discuss such foods that not only control your blood sugar but also feel you fuller longer and make you happy.

1. Melon or Berries

Melon and berries are good for diabetic patients. You can use it in its original raw form. Take melon, slice it and enjoy. Take berries, wash properly and enjoy it. Melon and berries are low-carbs fruits and one cup of either of these has just 15 grams of carbs.

Both are rich in fiber and provide the essential nutrients. If you want to take it as a proper meal just add melon and berries in the yogurt. It will give you fuller feeling and also satisfy your taste buds.


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