7 Quick Home Remedies for Heartburn

6. Sleep on your Left Side

If you are constantly suffering from acid reflux at night, particularly during your sleep, chances are, your sleeping position is wrong and unhealthy. Doctors widely believe that sleeping on an incline is a great technique to make sure the contents of your stomach stay there instead of rising up with acid reflux. And the side you sleep on plays a huge role in determining the onset of acid reflux.

Research validates the claim that sleeping on your left side reduces the chances of experiencing acid reflux. Several patients have reported noticeable improvements and a reduction in heartburn symptoms after sleeping on their left sides. While patients sleeping on their right sides of back tend to experience severe acid reflux.

A study attempted to study this phenomenon revealed that sleeping on your right side tends to worsen the symptoms of heartburn. Hence, it is highly advisable to sleep on your left side in order to prevent the onset of acid reflux.

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7. Avoid Lying Right After a Meal

It is only natural to feel sleepy and fatigued after devouring a hearty and large meal. However, letting yourself slip into a drowsy food coma will only worsen your heartburn. Research reveals that it takes the stomach at least four hours to excrete 90% of the food that we consume, therefore, it is highly advisable to sit upright for at least three hours after consuming meal. Lying down would only slow down the digestion process, and trigger the symptoms of a heartburn.

Instead of lying down on the couch and snoring away, remain standing and indulge yourself in some routine chores around the house. You can even go for a relaxing stroll in the park or your neighbourhood perhaps. This will ensure the acid remains within your stomach.

Moreover, maintain a vertical body position for three hours after consuming your dinner is the best trick to avoid those awful heartburn symptoms at night.

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