7 Types of Bumps and Blemishes You Should Never Try To Pop

2. Cold Sores

A girl wants to impress anybody. You are going to your first date. Tomorrow you are going to party but the cold sores make you ugly do not try to pull them off. They contain the bacteria that pass on their germs to the other areas of the surface. They will cause other cold sores. These sores caused by herpes virus.

Herpes virus can send their germs from one area of the body to another party. Mostly they transfer their bacteria through simply touching them. If these cold sores are irritating you more and more see a doctor or dermatologist immediately. Few days the person who is suffering from cold sore avoids interacting with people. This can stop the spread of this virus to the healthy people.

What is the Cold Sore Virus

3. Milia

Milia are the white heads that contain a hard covering. The main thing about milia is they cannot burst with the help of two fingers. They do not contain any white liquid call pus or any dirt. These are hard and without the help of dermatologist, it cannot be pop up.

If you try with your fingers to popping up it will cause redness, swelling, irritate skin and cause inflammation of that area. It contains only oil and grime inside the skin. It will treat with the help of dermatologist with medical help.

White Bumps on Face Not Acne

People usually ignore milia because they are small, tiny dots like thing, appearing on the skin. It mostly appears on the area of nose and cheeks. Burn and sunburn also give to cause such problems.

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